Expert Learners

All in-person SST6 professional learning events have been postponed and will either be held virtually or rescheduled. Please check our calendar for further details.

Expert Learners

Expert Learner

An Expert Learner is:
  • Resourceful and Knowledgeable      
  • Strategic and Goal Directed        
  • Purposeful and Motivated 


As reflected in the guidelines, Expert Learning for ALL is the goal for students in a UDL Classroom.  


Take 5: Expert Learning and Transition

Watch this 9 minute video that shows how using Universally Designed Learning yeilds Expert Learners, which then yeilds Successful Post School/Adult Outcomes. 
To access the video click here


National Center on Universal Design for Learning at CAST defines an expert learner: 
Expert Learner scenario and Tips for Creating an Expert Learner in Every Classroom: 
10 Suggestions to develop expert learners 
David Rose, co-founder of CAST, describes expert leaners in a quick video: 
View text-based website