Connecting Data to Instruction

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Questions for Discussion

The following questions for discussion have been generated to help participants best comprehend and use the information presented. Participants completing this learning module for contact hours through their LPDC should answer each question. The written responses can then be used as evidence of your work.

Download the Discussion Questions PDF file and complete the form as evidence.

Discussion Questions:

(approximate time to complete discussion questions 3 hours)


1.  Complete the Instructional and Intervention Needs Assessment.  Have a dialogue with your grade level team, building team and/or the district level team. (Use: Instructional and Intervention Needs Assessment.)


2a.  List the types of assessments you give in your classroom that fall into each category.

  • Outcome
  • Screening
  • Diagnosis
  • Progress Monitoring


2b.  Address the following questions with your grade level team, building team and/or district team based on the list of assessments above.


a.  How is the data being shared?

b.  How is the data being analyzed?

c.  What instructional decisions are currently being made?

d.  What types of expectations are there for instructional changes?

e.  How is this all being facilitated?


Which of the following instructional strategies are you currently using in your classroom? Which are your strengths and which are areas where you need to stretch? What is your plan to improve the use of your ”Stretch” area/s? What help/supports do you need from your building/district?


  • Explicit Instruction

    i.  Direct explanation

    ii.  Modeling, guided and independent practice

  • High Student Engagement

    i.  Lots of opportunities to respond

    ii.  Lots of guided practice with immediate feedback

  • Scaffolding to Support Learning

  • Integration of Skills

  • Review