Modifying Instruction: Facilitating Student Engagement

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SparkNotes ( is a resource to help students understand books, write papers, and study for tests. The content is clear and concise so that it's easier to understand, but it doesn’t leave out important information. This website has fictional books, content area information, quizzes, and flashcards that will help students master hard material.

No Fear Shakespeare (on puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today. has an online, free summarizing tool.

Text Compactor ( is a free online text summarization tool that was created to help struggling readers process overwhelming amounts of information. After text is copied into the website, the app produces a summary of the text. The app also has a link to a speech feature which allow the text to be read aloud to the student. There is also a translation link for students that are English Language Learners. The app is not recommended for fictional text.

Pink Monkey ( is a "G" rated study resource for junior high, high school, college students, teachers and home schoolers. PinkMonkey has more than 460 free online literature summaries. There are study guides, book notes, and chapter summaries.

60 Second Recap ( is an educational video project launched in September 2009 to provide 60-second video summaries and analysis of classic literature. The website is dedicated to maeking the great works of literature accessible, relevant, and engaging.

Blio ( is a free-to-download e-reader software platform created by Ray Kurzweil. The Blio e-reader preserves typography and supports color illustrations, features that make it particularly effective for certain categories of books not well supported by E Ink, such as cookbooks and children's books. Blio also comes with text-to-speech integration, with support for both a computerized voice and synchronization with professionally recorded audiobooks.

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Modifying Instruction: Facilitating Student Engagement