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Whose IDEA is This?

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The Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence , OCALI, has multiple resources to support the education of students with disabilities.

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Autism Modules

Assistive Technology Modules

Ed Resources logoThe 2008 Operating Standards, titled Operating Standards for Educational Agencies Serving Children with Disabilities, is now available on the Ed Resources Ohio web site. The new version of "Whose Idea Is This?" is posted on the Ed Resources Ohio web site website.

You may continue to use copies of the previous version of "Whose Idea Is This?" and do not need to throw these copies away. Once you have exhausted all of the older copies begin to use the July 2008 version. All districts must use the July 2008 version of "Whose Idea Is This?" at the commencement of the 2009-2010 school year.

Special Education Contacts

For information and resources realted to special education contact:

Lead Special Education Consultant, Alternate Assessment
Amy Becher


Secondary Transition, Mild Needs Assistive Technology, Universal Design for Learning, Alternate Assessment
Bill Nellis


Alternate Assessment, Extended Standards, Low Incidence Disability Supports, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Assistive Technology
Caryn Timmerman