IDA Central Ohio Conference with William Van Cleave (Dublin, OH)
Starting 2/23/2019
Event Groups:
• State Support Team 6 - District Events
Word Smarts!
Building Vocabulary through Morphology
(Bases & Affixes)  
In this lively and engaging workshop, Van Cleave first uses current research to help participants understand the issues confronting students who struggle with vocabulary and reading comprehension. He emphasizes what the research tells us about vocabulary knowledge in students; how students best develop their vocabulary; and how teachers can best instruct them. With this foundation established, Van Cleave then works with participants to develop a solid understanding of how morphology, or a study of the meaning parts that comprise words, can aid students with vocabulary development as well as spelling and decoding skills.
In this interactive, hands-on workshop, Van Cleave engages participants in a brief overview of the origins of our language and characteristics of the major languages of in?uence, an introduction to morphological awareness, and a study of word decoding and spelling strategies as they apply to morphology. Participants practice with each concept and learn tools useful for helping students understand and decode unfamiliar words.  
Dublin, OH
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