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Identifying Unwanted Behaviors, Implementing Successful Interventions, and Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities
We are designed to be social individuals who learn from each other through observation and imitation. While it is difficult enough for “typical” children to learn appropriate behaviors, children with additional needs have even more obstacles to overcome. Understanding the origin of unwanted behaviors is paramount in knowing how to address and change them. This session is designed to provide all educators –particularly teachers and paraprofessionals – with a better understanding of how behavior serves as communication, how successful interventions can be used, and the role of teachers and paraprofessionals in addressing behavior with a goal of improving student outcomes.
Register online by May 24, 2019: 2019 OPEPP Spring Academy
Dublin, OH 43017 
June 3, 2019 -- 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
The Conference Center at OCLC
6600 Kilgour Place