Family and Community Engagement Implementation

Family and Community Engagement Implementation

Introduction to Family Engagement in Education: Four Core Beliefs

View this short YouTube video and answer questions found in the document "Examining Your Own Core Beliefs Worksheet" to evaluate your thoughts of Family and Community Engagement.



Four Types of Schools

A pathway to partnership:  where do you fit in?  View this presentation to learn more about the four types of schools in relationship to family engagement.  Use the document titled "Types of Schools Rubric" to self-evaluate your school.  

OSU Family-School-Community Partnership Support

The Ohio State University‚Äôs CETE Results Management Team provides resources to teams, schools, and state leaders who would like to support family, school, and community engagement.  Select the image to view the website.  
Landing page of OSU's Family School Community Parntership Support webpage.

Interactive Case Studies for Family Engagement

"Decades of research make it clear that family engagement benefits children and youth in multiple ways. However, educators often find engaging families the most difficult part of their work, and are rarely prepared to do so. The case method is an exciting and valuable teaching technique to prepare educators to effectively engage with families."    Family Cases is a suite of interactive cases for family engagement, created by Global Family Research Project.
Select the image to view the case studies.  
View text-based website