Surrogate Parent

Surrogate Parent

Surrogate Parent Training

The Ohio Department of Education has released their NEWLY updated Surrogate Parent Training Modules.  ALL current Surrogate Parents are required to complete the modules by August 2, 2022 in order to continue to serve as a Surrogate Parent.  

To access the training modules visit:

Review feedback about the new training collected by ODE from individuals who have completed the training:

“This helped to clarify when a child is placed in a community or specialized school that that education program reps need to be there in attendance. Helpful info to review on each section of the IEP.”
“Thank you for this opportunity. I hope that I will be better equipped to perform the duties as a surrogate parent.”
“I have a better understanding of my responsibilities and the mandates protecting students.”
“I know what is expected of me as a surrogate.”
“It was very informative. It was nice that it was broken down into smaller pieces, so you could stop and go conveniently.”
“There is a lot of information available for the surrogate parent to refer to. This course will help you be better to perform your job when providing support for the children with disability.”

Helpful Links

Supporting Documents

Use this resource to gather information about the student you are working with. The document includes helpful questions to guide you.
Use this log to document actions taken as you work with a child as their Surrogate Parent. It includes spaces to record date of visit, purpose of visit and comments.
Information to support the needs of children that are unaccompanied homeless youth as defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
This document contains information that the district of residence (DoR) is responsible for pertaining to a Surrogate Parent.
Optional Form 7 is provided by the Ohio Department of Education for DoR to use when assigning a Surrogate Parent to a student. It is not required but would be considered to be good practice to use this form or a similar district approved form.
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