Expert Learners

Expert Learners

Expert Learner

An Expert Learner is:
  • Resourceful and Knowledgeable      
  • Strategic and Goal Directed        
  • Purposeful and Motivated 


As reflected in the guidelines, Expert Learning for ALL is the goal for students in a UDL Classroom.  


Take 5: Expert Learning and Transition

Watch this 9 minute video that shows how using Universally Designed Learning yeilds Expert Learners, which then yeilds Successful Post School/Adult Outcomes. 
To access the video click here


National Center on Universal Design for Learning at CAST defines an expert learner: 
Expert Learner scenario and Tips for Creating an Expert Learner in Every Classroom: 
10 Suggestions to develop expert learners 
David Rose, co-founder of CAST, describes expert leaners in a quick video: 
View text-based website